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Free Delivery For Orders Over R1000
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What is a Medical Device


A Medical Device License holder, makes us the authority to sell medical devices in South Africa through e-commerce. To sell a medical device you need to be licensed.

You can't just be someone out there or a store who doesn't have their license for medical devices in South Africa. Omninela Medical holds these licenses and that gives us the ability to legally provide these products for sale to you the consumer.

So, you know that when you do get your product, you're getting an item that's not just a medical item. You're getting a product that has been quality checked and verified making sure that the manufacturer themselves are following the correct manufacturing procedures.

We also make sure that the product gets handled in a way that's hygienic and safe. So that when you receive a sensitive product, it arrives to you in the correct condition.


Omninela holds a medical distribution license for medical devices within South Africa. We are registered with SAHPRA, which is the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority, and we abide by the Substances and Medicines Act of 1965. This states that the license holder shall at all times ensure that all medical devices distributed, irrespective of product registration status, comply with all relevant South African Health Products Regulatory Authority Guidelines.



Well, that comes down to our community. Making sure that we are getting our license not just because we need to get our license. It revolves around us as a community, you have peace of mind and satisfaction knowing that we have gone through our due diligence and quality checked and verified the products that are on our site.

Making sure that any product you order from us is according to the recommended health approval body. Whether that be from Europe, South Africa, America, or Asia. We always have your best interests at heart, and because of this we don’t cut any corners.

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