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Free Delivery For Orders Over R1000
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The Power of Community

We found in our community in what “Live Limitless” means and it’s come from the heart from when we touched someone’s’ life.

Our slogan for Omninela Medical is “Live Limitless.” It has taken a lot of work and time to finalise what the essence of our community means and what we are about.

When we started exploring this aspect of building our brand, we tasked our marketing agency to come up with content that resonates with healthcare. The results were not pleasing and did not feel what Omninela is about.

We then asked our community, “Why did you purchase from” The responses were overwhelming, and we knew that our mission was been carved out by our community.

Ricardo got to work and called approximately 100 clients to understand their responses and a common theme emerged. The items were not bought just by our knowledge and experience but also in the reason for the purchase was much deeper.

We enable our community to push beyond their current ailment and irrespective of an inability they may face today, we can provide a device that will assist them on their journey to live a long and healthy life without any restrictions.

Our commitment

To further emphasis our commitment that it’s not just a catchy marketing gimmick. Our tagline is the emotion in which you experience Omninela Medical.

The slogan is currently trademarked. What does this mean?

This is legally binding that the phrase “Live Limitless” is solely owned by Omninela Medical. This ensures that we back our community to have a sense of belonging that no one can take away from us.   

PS: If you want to join our community SHOP ONLINE: Go here.


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