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Free Delivery For Orders Over R1000
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A logo with a purpose

A logo with a purpose

First component

The “O” is the Omninela. It's us but you'd see that it's very square shaped also. It also represents the boundaries for us to be able to work with and there's structure to it.

Second component

The “S” is a flow and you'll see the arrows getting out of the “0” being us thinking outside of the box. That's where the "S" comes in is saying that we may be restricted into things that you may have experienced in the past within healthcare. But we are looking outside the box looking at boundaries, to break the mold and to have health re-imagined. That comes into our wings.

Third component

Our wings are the community that we support. We're just making sure that, we are centered around community. Our community needs the support within healthcare as there is approximately 16% of the South African population that is serviced by medical aid schemes.

We're trying to do is have the accessibility that you can pay whenever you want. You move whenever you want. You get your products whenever you're looking for it. A health device delivered, monitored, and serviced to you.

Lastly, the meaning of Omni - Nela

Meaning of Omninela

Did you mean? Omni + Nela

combining form: Omni
1. in all ways (Everything)

combining form: bona + ela
2. See for a reason (To seek)

Omninela Meaning;
- To seek every solution

Firstly, we combined two words with great power and purpose (Omni and Bonela) to mean, "To seek every solution."

The first part been, “Omni” meaning everything and the second part a shortened version of the Sesotho word Bonela that means, “To seek.” Bonela has a deeper meaning which means, “To see into.”

We are solely focused on providing you with a personalized experience and a solution that can be tailored to your requirements. In the products we offer and the added service of care that you receive.

We will listen to you and provide exactly what you are looking for.

PS: If you want to join our community SHOP ONLINE: Go here.



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