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Germkill - The last hand sanitizer you will ever need

Germkill - Omninela Medical

Germkill was created with the goal of becoming a clinically approved hand sanitizer that could be used on a regular basis without causing skin irritation or pain. Not only were we successful, but we were also able to create a product that encourages appropriate, effective hand care while also being enjoyable. South Africa, proudly.

One of the most effective strategies for avoiding the spread of germs is the significance of hand cleanliness. It has never been more obvious that humans are prone to sickness caused by the transfer of germs, bacteria, fungus, and viruses, making basic hand hygiene essential. For over a century, alcohol has been known for its antiseptic qualities, and it has proved to be helpful in decreasing diseases over time.

SABS Approved

Germkill is carefully formulated and scientifically tested to ensure medical grade efficacy and is certified under the South African National Standards (SANS-490).

Germkill was one of only FIVE SANS 490 certified products in South Africa before Covid-19. Germkill remains SANS 490 certified by SABS

Peace of Mind

Sanitizing does not have to be a painful process. You and your family are safe with Germkill.

Germkill gives peace of mind by staying true to its claims, whether at work among coworkers or at home with loved ones. Emollients that hydrate your skin and effective sanitizing that keeps you safe.

Made By South Africans, For South Africans

During the difficult times brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic, Germkill, is a vital component in the war with the virus, has given jobs for native South Africans and contributed to the country's stressed economy.

Meet the Germkill Family

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