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Meet The Founders

Ricardo Lognath (Left) and Nicolas Lognath (Right)

Live Limitless Magazine meets the Founders of Omninela Medical

Ricardo (26) and Nicolas (24) Lognath are Brothers and the Co-founders of Omninela Medical, an e-commerce Healthcare company based in South Africa that are changing the perception of Home Care with ranges of innovative medical devices.


Founded Omninela Medical when they were 24 and 22 respectively, while still Engineering students at the Durban University of Technology (DUT).

In addition to their full-time commitment towards their studies, Ricardo juggled working as a Junior Mechanical Engineer and Nicolas as a Junior Civil Engineer to self-fund the Brothers’ Omninela venture.

Nicolas Lognath (Left) on order fulfillment to The Odidini Primary Health Care Clinic (KZN, South Africa)


The Lognath Brother’s entrepreneurial ventures began more methodical than the prevalent “always hustling entrepreneur” when Ricardo read an article in 2017 that South Africa’s private Healthcare sector covers only 16% of the population.

The idea for Omninela followed, and soon the Brothers found themselves researching the Healthcare Industry, testing solutions and developing a proof of concept for 24 months.

Ricardo said, “We started speaking with patients at Hospitals and Clinics while visiting and doing our research, waiting in long ques to receive a monthly check on their basic vitals (Blood pressure, Cholesterol and Glucose levels) and we knew based on our research these could be monitored at home. So we said, let’s make these more accessible”.


Founded in 2017, Omninela Medical delivers numerous products in the Medical Device range, nationally throughout South Africa and offers support to consumers, patients, Doctors and Health institutions.

In the crowded and well-capitalized Healthcare market by multi-national companies, Omninela has succeeded to be the most patient-centric Medical Device shopping destination in Africa and has built a foundation on the simple concept that the customer comes first.

Whether it's blood pressure monitors, ECG, pulse oximeters, nebulisation, hearing amplifiers, body temperature or electrostimulation. Omninela aims to assist you to live a healthy life.







From February 2020, Omninela launched their Online store and has amassed more than 110 000 users and delivered to more than 1000 locations nationally.

All their products are registered with the South African Health Regulatory Products Authority (SAHPRA) and have also gained regulatory approval in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania and Asia respectively.


The Lognath Brother’s aim is to provide self-monitoring products in geographical areas which had previously been difficult to reach and enable the accessibility to healthcare required within South Africa and Africa.

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