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Free Delivery For Orders Over R1000
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Wide Range of Medical Supplies Delivered to your Door

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. Despite the shocking number of fatalities and the wholesale disruption arising from lockdown restrictions, there have also been some positive consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. As individuals, we have become more supportive of one another. Under pressure, businesses have become more innovative, and, as a nation, we are now more concerned for our health. Although many constraints remain, the freedom to order medical supplies and other essentials online continues to provide South Africans with a welcome lifeline.

Amid concerns surrounding the prospect of a further tightening of the current lockdown restrictions, the demand for personal protection equipment (PPE) continues. Why don a mask and visit a store to purchase hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes and more masks if you don’t have to? These are all available online, along with face shields and the scrubs, disposable coveralls and similar medical supplies that healthcare professionals need to safeguard themselves, their colleagues and other patients from the risk of infection.

However, even before fears of the coronavirus turned our lives upside down, many people struggled to find time to visit a pharmacy. Moms with young babies are often housebound and perhaps only free to shop at a local Spar in the evenings. Although the popular supermarket chain might be a handy after-hours source of disposable nappies and baby food, it is unlikely to be of much help to a mother who may need a breast pump or a nasal aspirator for her baby. Fortunately, these items and many other essential medical supplies are now available to order online from Omninela.


Most people would agree that prevention is better than cure even though both are important. Today, keeping an eye on your health does not need to always involve visits to a medical practitioner. For example, many patients with raised blood pressure (BP) who would once have attended their GP surgery for regular checks now keep an eye on their BP at home with an easy-to-use digital monitor. Diabetic patients can also check their blood glucose levels with a special meter. These are among the more specialised medical supplies that Omninela could deliver to your door and free you from many of those time-consuming visits to your doctor.

Stocking up with your health-related purchases in advance could well save you a desperate search for an all-night pharmacy with no guarantee that it will have the item you need. How much easier would it be to place your order in the comfort of your home and at a time when you have nothing more pressing to address? While at work, just a few minutes on your mobile phone during your coffee break could help you avoid all the hassle of trudging from shop to shop looking for the medical supplies you require.

Looking good can be as important as feeling good. With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense for an online store that specialises in healthcare-related products to stock items such as nail dryers, facial saunas, curling irons, hairdryers and epilators together with face masks, glucose meters, and nebulisers. You can also purchase all of these personal care items and many others when you order your medical supplies from Omninela.

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