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The Invaluable Role of Medical Equipment Suppliers

Few could have anticipated the chain of events following the chance mutation of a virus previously found only in bats. Within a month of reporting the uncontrolled spread of mutant strain through the Chinese province of Wuhan, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed the first case of Covid-19 in the United States. Two months later, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this severe respiratory infection a pandemic. Immediately, medical equipment suppliers came under unprecedented pressure to deliver personal protection equipment (PPE) to healthcare professionals and millions of ordinary citizens who were suddenly obliged to adopt similar precautions.

Before the onset of this life-changing event, few members of the public would have had direct dealings with these specialised companies. Instead, they would have purchased most, if not all, of their healthcare requirements from their nearest pharmacy, which in turn, would have obtained the required items from a wholesaler. That said, we live in a digital age, and medical equipment suppliers, like many other businesses, have been quick to embrace the advantages of trading online.

One of the main benefits of operating an online sales outlet is that it has almost unlimited reach. Before the internet and e-commerce, the market for such specialised items would have consisted almost exclusively of hospitals, clinics and various healthcare professionals. Today, anyone who owns a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and has broadband access is free to place an online order for a nebuliser, a blood pressure monitor or a digital thermometer from an appropriate medical equipment supplier.

Choose Quality Medical Suppliers

While the coronavirus continues to pose a threat, we are all obliged to check for any signs that we may be infected and large focus has been placed on how we could put others at risk. A non-contact body thermometer could be a safe and dependable way to alleviate at least one concern by checking whether someone is genuinely feverish or just feeling hot. Given the difficulty of securing a routine GP appointment, anyone with an existing condition such as diabetes, hypertension or a raised blood cholesterol should probably consider purchasing a relevant monitoring device from one of the medical equipment suppliers now trading online. If, at any time, a blood pressure, glucose or cholesterol reading might give cause for concern, obtaining an emergency appointment should not pose a problem.

One of the most unfortunate consequences of lockdown has been an increased tendency to put on weight. Many people who usually lead reasonably active lives have had to settle for a more sedentary existence. Some have had no work to keep them occupied, while others are working from home, snacking has also become an enjoyed activity to pass the time. Omninela is one of the few medical equipment suppliers that stock electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) products. EMS is a passive exercise option that allows participants to enjoy the benefits of conventional resistance training without ever needing to lift a weight or perform gut-wrenching sit-ups.

There is a growing tendency to regard health as more than just sound physiology, and that feeling good about one’s appearance also plays a part. Accordingly, Omninela differs from many medical equipment suppliers by including a wide selection of personal care products alongside its healthcare range. There are also numerous products of interest to healthcare professionals, including syringes, blades, endotracheal tubes, oxygen masks and theatre clothing.

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