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Durban, South Africa (October 15, 2020) – It was announced yesterday (14 October 2020) that had won Medical Equipment Provider of the Year in South Africa, awarded by the International Prestige Awards, run out of the United Kingdom.

Medical Equipment Provider of the Year 2020/2021

Founded 2018, Omninela Medical delivers numerous products in the Medical Device range, nationally throughout South Africa and offers support to customers, patients, Doctors and Health institutions.

Whether it's blood pressure monitors, ECG, pulse oximeters, nebulisation, hearing amplifiers, body temperature or electrostimulation, Omninela wants to assist you to live a healthy life. We have been delivering what our claim promises: health and wellbeing to all ages.

Omninela has delivered to more than 1000 locations nationally, since 2018 and their Online store launched in March 2020 has amassed more than 60 000 users.


Staff and contractors worked throughout the lockdown to ensure the correct products were delivered at the right time to customers, patients, Doctors and Health institutions safely. The effort from their staff, suppliers and contractors are recognised for their selfless efforts. 

This award to Omninela Medical is received with great gratitude and recognition for the service we provide.

Award Process

The Corporate Livewire South Africa Prestige Awards recognise small and medium-sized businesses that have proven to be the best in their market over the past 12 months

All shortlisted companies are asked to support their nomination with evidence of their work, positive feedback from their clients, information on previous accreditation’s and recognition as well as highlighting the most outstanding parts of their businesses.

During the awards process over 100,000 businesses were invited and corporate professionals, magazine contributors and their subscribers to nominate companies & individuals based on factors such as service, innovation, experience, sustainability and other areas. Additionally, their research team has put forward a selection of firms which they felt were deserving of recognition.

The judging panel base their decisions upon areas such as service excellence, quality of the product/ service provided, innovative practices, value, ethical or sustainable methods of working, as well as consistency in performance. The winners selected are those who can best demonstrate their strengths in these areas.

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