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Free Delivery For Orders Over R1000
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Medical Aid Schemes partner with Omninela

Medical Aid Scheme Approved Products


South Africa has made great strides in making affordable and reliable health services accessible to all, there is still a long way to go, says Ricardo Lognath, CEO of award-winning African health tech provider Omninela Medical.

“With a methodical mindset, innovation, and strategic partnerships, companies can go a long way towards radically shifting the environment over the next few years.”

More than 70, Medical Aid Schemes have now partnered with South African Health Tech online store to allow customers to receive a reimbursement on their purchase for Home Monitoring Devices.

These devices include the following categories; blood pressure, ECG, pulse oximeters, nebulisation, hearing amplifiers, body temperature, electrostimulation, sleep patterns, cholesterol, and glucose levels.

You can use these devices with the free HealthManager app to record and keep an eye on your health data with ease – all in one app. Health management as it should be – whether you are on holiday, on a business trip, or at the doctor. You can conveniently access your data on your smartphone, anywhere, and at any time.

Thanks to this partnership, Medical Aid Scheme customers now have the option to choose a variety of diverse and necessary Home Monitoring Devices to be viewed online, purchased through secure payment methods, and then delivered to their home or to any one of over 3 000 pickup points located nationwide.

This benefit gives you access to a range of essential and registered home monitoring devices for certain chronic and acute conditions based on your medical aid scheme membership plan.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, consumers want to monitor their health more regularly and this partnership with Omninela Medical empowers customers' well-being and removes obstacles where access and delivery may be a challenge in the past. is designed to be an accessible, inclusive, and community-driven health online destination to empower customers to "Live Limitless."

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