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Beurer Professional EMS Device EM 95 Bluetooth | Omninela | What's In It: S1 Ep3

Beurer Professional EMS Device EM 95 Bluetooth | Omninela | What's In It: S1 Ep3


If you have been looking for a device to help you out with a full-body workout, which includes a virtual coach for muscle training, muscle recovery, and regeneration, then the EM 95 from Beurer might be something for you to consider. So the EM 95 is Beurer’s EMS home studio. And what we're going to do today is unbox this. Find out what features the device itself comes with. And also what's included inside of the packaging so that you can figure out if this is a suitable item for you.

So EMS being your electrical muscle stimulation, home studio, meaning that you can carry out all the workouts inside of this device from the comfort of your own home. So with this, you're also going to get Bluetooth connectivity that you can connect to your smartphone with, and through your smartphone, you'll be able to download the Beurer EMS home studio application, which includes your virtual coach.

Now, what is your virtual coach? Okay. So it's many instructional videos created by either a male or female virtual coach. You can decide on it. And that has 20 different workouts and 50 different exercise routines broken up into two different categories. So fitness and power and relaxation and wellbeing, depending on your training level, you can also choose between a few intensities. So beginner, advanced or expert.

You've also got statistics that can be output from here. So you'll understand where you currently are and also your progress as you continue to get more fit. With this , you've also got a few accessories included inside of the packaging. So you've got eight adhesive electrodes, and those will be placed in different muscle groups, depending on the workout that you'll be doing.

You've also got connectivity. So you've got four channels that this device can connect out from. And each of those channels are individually adjustable. Inside here. You also going to have your three year guarantee on this device. So if there are any manufacturing defects with the device itself, you can come back to us, let us know, and we'll be able to help you out from there.. Yeah. So let's dive into the box and find out what is actually included Inside of this package. Let's take a look at everything.

Next, we can see that we have some of our electrodes, so there will be four electrodes in here. Another four electrodes inside. And if you needed air placement on these electrodes, which you may need after 20 uses, then you can come through to our online store, just use the top search bar type in E M 95 and you'll be able to find some replacements on these. Moving on. We can see that we have your connection cables and your connection cables are going to be color-coded.

So these are your arm cuffs and your leg cuffs, which is going to look exactly like this. Take note, this gold-ish silver area is actually the area where the electrodes are active. So you're going to have to wet this, either with a damp cloth or a spray bottle. So you actually activate the connection between these electrodes and your muscles. So all of that instructions are inside of your manual, have a look at it and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. So you've got your tie cups right here, and you have your arm cuffs, right there. I'll slip them together again.

Lastly, we've got the device itself. So on the device, you can see that you've got a very nice large screen. You've got buttons that will indicate your intensity for each of your different channels. On the bottom side, you've got your USB type C connection that's going to go in there for charging the device itself. On the side, we have no ports, on this side we have no ports on the top, We have no ports.

You're going to find your belt strap. So in this, you're going to see that the belt strap on this is something. Our loops are on the back instead of a clip. And that's because you're going to be very active with this device and you actually going to have to run a belt through this for the device should be properly secured. And on the front, you're just going to have your off and on the button and also your back button. And that'll help you just navigate through the device and also choose which workout routine you need to be working on at that time. So that is the EM 95 unboxed from Beurer.

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