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Beurer EM 70 Wireless TENS / EMS Device | Omninela | What's In It: S1 Ep2

Beurer EM 70 Wireless TENS / EMS Device | Omninela | What's In It: S1 Ep2


Okay. So if you haven't been looking for a wireless device that can help you out with pain relief, either in your muscles, your joints or pain resulting from an injury. Or a device to help you out with muscle training and also muscle regeneration and recovery with the added benefit of a massage function, then the EM 70 from Beurer might be an item that is suitable for you.

In today's video, we're going to have a quick unboxing of the wireless EM 70, find out what features this device comes with and also what items are included inside of the box itself, looking at some of the features that are noted on the box of the EM 70, and we can see that we have our tens technology and that's going to be your transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which will help you out for pain relief.

You also have your EMS, and that will be your electrical muscle stimulation, which will be for your muscle training and also your muscle, regeneration and recovery. Lastly, you've got your massage function, which is going to help you out for just relaxation and massage purposes. Having a further look into the and we can see that because this is a wireless device.

You're going to have a remote control that will come with the device. Now from the remote control, you'll be able to control your pre-programmed applications and which one you would like it to be on. And also your intensity of the device. If you want to control the intensity from the device itself, then there are increase and decrease intensity buttons on the device that you will be able to control it.

The EM 70 will come with the rechargeable batteries that are built into the unit. So using the USB cable, you can recharge those batteries, which are 250 milliamp lithium-ion batteries. You'll also have 19 pre-programmed applications. So based on which muscle group you're trying to work on, you can find the application that best works for you and check through your user manual to find out how to layout the electrodes on your body for that specific application.

The interesting thing with the EM 70 is that you have the option for two additional electrodes, which you can connect to this device using an extension cable, which is included in the packaging. Now, this brings your total electrodes up to four, all coming from one channel, which can be really helpful. With this, you'll also have your safety switch-off function. So after a few minutes of inactivity, the device will automatically switch itself off.

And you've also got your five-year guarantee with the EM 70. So if they are any manufacturing defects with it, then you can let us know and we'll be able to help you out with it from there. Let's unpackage this and see what comes included inside. Now that we have everything neatly in front of us, we can start with the instruction manual. So the instruction manual is very important for you to go through it.

It will teach you how to set up the device for the first time and also how to make full use of its functionality. And it also has very helpful diagrams in here, which will teach you how to set up your electrodes, depending on which application you're trying to work on and the muscle group that you're trying to work on.

Next, we have your pouch. So it's a very well-built pouch that has enough compartments in it for you to keep all of the different components of the EM 70. Next we can see, we have our triple A batteries and these will be used to power our remote. So if you are going to replace these, try to go for something like the Energizer max AAA battery, that will give you a good lifespan .

Next we can see that we have our USB cable. This will be used to charge the device. And this is a USB A to a micro USB cable. Next, we can have a look at the electrodes and firstly, what we can see is that we have the electrodes that can be added to the device as an expansion. So you have the two expandable electrodes here with the cable that you can connect into the device and then on to these electrodes.

You also have two different size variations of the original two electrodes that will go onto the device. So you have this larger one and this smaller one. So depending on the application that you are trying to use with the device. You'll be able to choose one of them accordingly.

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