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Beurer PO 60 Pulse Oximeter | What's In It: S2 Ep9

Beurer PO 60 Pulse Oximeter | What's In It: S2 Ep9


We are going to do an unboxing of the Beurer PO 60 Pulse Oximeter and this is the middle tiered. Pulse oximeter in the range of pulse oximeters. So we're going to find out what features the PO 60 comes with and also what's included inside of this packaging.

Okay. So if your doctor has recommended that you monitor your oxygen and heart rate, then this could be something that you would like to look into. So if you've been looking for a device that is reliable.

Pulse oximeter in the range of pulse oximeters. So we're going to find out what features the PO 60 comes with and also what's included inside of this packaging, if you would like to buy one of these.

So having a quick look from the outside, we can see that this has your pulse curved display. So it'll show you your pulse or your heart rate displayed on the screen of the device.

It also has bluetooth. So the connectivity from this is Bluetooth to your smartphone that will connect into the Beurer health manager app.

If you are someone who wants to record your readings to your cellphone, to show your doctor, or if you would like someone to be monitoring you from another room.

And you've also got four display formats, depending on what you need to see. The magnification that you need to see it at. And also the angle of tilt that your finger might be setting at.

It will give you each of those variations with this. We've also got a strap that's included that you can strap to your wrist so that it can't get away from you. And you've also got a pouch that has a belt loop on it. So if you do need to be on the go and tuck this. Then the pouch with the belt loop will come in handy.

The batteries that this takes will be your two AAA batteries. And we'll discuss that shortly. When we do open up the package, this also does come with your five-year guarantee.

So if there were any manufacturing defects will this item during those five years, then you can come back to us and we'll be able to help you out with.

All right. Let's get directly into the box now and find out what is included in here. Now that we've got everything in front of us, we can have a quick look at it.

So we've got our quick start guide and our instruction manual. This will assist you to set up the device for the first time and also understand the full functionality of the device. We've got our soft pouch that will come with it.

It's a black, soft fabric pouch that will have your belt strap on the back of this. Next we'll have our triple A batteries. And if you are going to replace this with anything, look towards something like an Energizer AAA battery.

We've also got our strap that comes included just for safe keeping. If you are going to be moving about with the. Lastly, we've got the device. So we do notice that it's got the

Bluetooth icon on the front. So this is a Bluetooth compatible device which will connect to your Beurer, Health manager app on your cell phone. You also just have your power button right here. Nice and simple. And on the back, you've got the area where your batteries are going to go.

One thing to note, which is quite pretty with these, is that it's also got a rubber inside. So the rubber on the inside makes it a lot more comfortable to wear the device.

Especially if you do have soft skin or sensitive skin, and you also are going to be using this device for an extended period of time, the Rubber does make it a bit easier. To wait for a prolonged period of time. And that will be the PO 60 from Beurer.

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Thank you so much for watching. And until next time, I'm Nicolas from Omninela Medical, reminding you to Live Limitless.

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