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Beurer SI 40 Steam Vaporizer | What's In It: S2 Ep10

Beurer SI 40 Steam Vaporizer | What's In It: S2 Ep10


Today we have the SI 40 steam nebulizer from Beurer. That's basically what it looks like. So we're going to do a general unboxing of this and give a simple overview of the item itself.

So let's go ahead and have a look at the unboxed item immediately. Okay. So these are going to be all of the components that come inside of our box. And what we have is all manual.

That's going to give you a very good overview of the product itself, the cleaning, the maintenance, and the different components that are going to be inside of the product.

So it's a very good to have a read through the manual so that you know exactly how to get the most out of this unit. You've got your mask and your mask is going to be a silicone material, a soft silicone material, and very clear and transparent.

And lastly, we've got the nebulizer unit itself. So on this unit, I'll start taking it apart and very quickly so I can show you the insides of it, but the mask is going to be very easy to disinfect, take off an on, and this is just going to fit on to the top like that And what we have is a wall South African standard, two point plug.

We're going to have your aroma reservoir or your salient reservoir. And we'd always recommend people to use saline only with this. And if you are going to use any aromas, then just make sure that they are the liquid themselves.

And you're not diluting it in water. What can happen from time to time is that if you do put a little bit of an essential oil or an oil based solution inside here, and you put maybe 25 millilitres of water, you're going to find that the oil is going to.

Remain on the top level of the water and it's not going to be able to be sucked up correctly into the nebulizer itself. So we recommend this for salient first. And if you do have an essential oil, then make sure that it's not a thick liquid, it's very thin liquid. And that's what allows you for the different.

Variations of aroma inside of here will be if you've got menthol solutions that you can put inside of a liquid that will also work well, and it will be absorbed well inside of this tube that allows the entire unit it's aroma. So we'll put this back here, looking at the rest of it.

You've got the off an unbuttoned right here, and basically it's a one switch to turn on. And one switch to turn off. It's going to take about two minutes to heat up to the water temperature that will start giving you the steam.

And when the steam does start coming out, you can use this adjustment right here. For less or for more steam or something in between of those two levels.

So a very good way to just find out exactly what you're looking for and set it exactly to that. One of the very important points about this unit is that it's steam.

Consistency is very good. So you're not going to get. Over flooded with a huge gust of steam that may be too hot, so you can control the variation and the volume of steam. And you can also control how much of steam and how long you are on it.

And also always remember. Work from further away first and then lean in towards it, just so that you don't get the full brunt of the temperature of the steam onto your face.

When you are opening the unit up, there's going to be a small button here, basically, if you press and hold down on to that button, it'll release the entire upper half of the unit. Like that. And what we've got inside here is our water reservoir, which will have water inside here.

It takes about 25 millilitres of water inside here. And we've got our suction pipe that will also allow it to blend with the aromas that you do put in. So that is. The general overview of the item.

That click back in place, otherwise aesthetically. So the entire item is a gloss white finish, which is nice because it makes it very easy to clean and disinfect. The weight of it is around 650 grams.

So just over half a kg. Uh, so if you do have to move it around, it's still pretty light. And as you can see, it is a good size. If you're going to have it on a desktop table, whether it's a dining table or whether it's a work table that you're going to be using it will work for you.

So that will be the unboxing for our SI 40 steam nebulizer from Beurer. Thank you so much for watching. And until next time, I'm Nicolas from Omninela Medical, reminding you to Live Limitless

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