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Beurer IH 55 Nebuliser - Travel | What's In It: S1 Ep5

Beurer IH 55 Nebuliser - Travel | What's In It: S1 Ep5


So if your doctor has recommended that you get yourself a nebulizer, either because of asthma COPD caused from smoking, or even if you're trying to overcome a lung disease right now, and you'd like a nebulizer that is small and lightweight enough for you to travel with, then the IH 55 from Beurer, maybe something for you to consider.

Having a look at some of the features noted on the outside of the box and we can see that the IH 55 is going to be operated by a vibrating mesh. So this is your nebulization via diaphragm technology. And with it, you're going to have a nebulization performance of about 0.25 milliliters per minute.

So if your doctor has recommended a certain output to come from the nebulizer, then you can cross-reference this with their recommendation. On this, we also going to have a self-cleaning function with the IH 55, which is definitely going to come in handy, especially because this is for the nebulization of liquid medication. So to be able to clean that out would be very useful. We can see that we have a few accessories that are included inside of the packaging too.

So we've got our mesh nebulizer, you've got your mouthpiece, and also an adult and children's mask, both of which have an elasticated head strap on it. Looking deeper into it and we can see that this is going to be for the treatment of your upper and lower respiratory tract. It's got a particle size of about 5.5 microns that it goes up to, it is a very silent system.

So because of that vibrating mesh technology, it's a much quieter device than some of the previous devices. And we've also got an LED indicator, displaying the operating status of the device. So with this, you're going to get your batteries and also your main parts. Included here is also your storage bag for accessories and remember that the IH 55 comes with a five-year guarantee. So if there are any manufacturing defects with the item within the next five years of you purchasing it, just come back to us, let us know, and we'll be able to help you out from there.

So have a look at some of the accessories and we can see that we have an adult face mask. We also have a children's face mask, both of which have the wire nose bridge on it. And also an elasticated headband. We've also got a mouthpiece, which is still going to be the preferred method of nebulization with this device. And when it comes to power accessories, you have two options with the IH 55, you can use the device with batteries, or you can use it with its power adapter.

Keep in mind that if you do need replacements on any of the accessories that the IH 55 comes with, then you can head over to our online store Use the top search bar and just type in IH 55 and you'll be able to find some of the replacement accessories for this.

Having a look at our nebulizer and we can see that on the top end, we're going to have our medicine container inside there You will be able to fill in your saline solution or your liquid medication or both, depending on your doctor's recommendation of dilution of those two. On the side, we have a few graduations, so does a measurement from two milliliters.

All the way up to 10 milliliters for you to be able to measure the volume that you do put inside of your medicine container on the front end, you'll have your barrel and two that you can add one of your attachments on to it just behind the barrel is going to be the mesh atomizer itself. On the backend, we're going to have the release clip that will open the lid of the medicine container and on the back here, you're also going to have your release button, which will be able to release the medicine container and the mesh atomizer.

And depending on the status of the device, it will light up in different colours. So blue indicates that it is ready to go ahead and nebulize. Orange indicates that the batteries may be low and violet indicates that you may have a self-cleaning function activated at that moment. So that is our unboxing for the IH 55 from Beurer.

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