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Beurer EM 80 3-in-1 digital TENS/EMS unit | What's In It: S1 Ep8

Beurer EM 80 3-in-1 digital TENS/EMS unit | What's In It: S1 Ep8


If you have been looking around for a device to help you output some pain relief, either in your muscles or joints or just pain resulting from a previous injury and also for the device to have the added benefit of muscle regeneration and also muscle training with the added benefit of a massage function.

Just if you wanted it, then the EM 80 may be something that you would like to look into. In this video, we're going to have a quick look at the EM 80 and unbox this. Having looked at some of the features from the outside of the box.

We can see that this is a three in one device. So we have our tens technology, which is our transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and that's going to help out for pain relief. We also have our EMS technology, which is going to be our electrical muscle stimulation, and that's going to be for your muscle training and also muscle rehabilitation.

And then we have the massage function, which is going to be just for relaxation and massage purposes. So on the EM 80, one thing that makes it special is that it has eight electrodes and four channels powering those electrodes.

So if you do need large muscle groups to be accommodated for them, this is the device for you with it. It also comes with 30 pre-programmed applications. Which are listed inside of your user manual for you to target specific groups of muscles around your body.

If you are looking for something more customizable, then it also has space for 20 customized programs that you can load into this for you to specify which muscle groups you would like to target. With the EM 80, we also going to see that we have a doctor's function, which will just provide you easy access over to those customized programs that you did have set up.

We also have a timer function. So depending on the time that you would like the therapy to go over it, we'll stick within that time and also make sure that it can switch off within the time that you allocated. We also have a safety switch off. So after a few minutes of inactivity, it will notice that it is inactive and automatically switch off keeping the device and everyone else around the room safe.

With this, it also has a five-year guarantee so if there are any manufacturing defects with it, you can come back to us and let us know so that we can help you out from there. So with the EM 80, we haven't got rechargeable batteries inside of it, but we do have it powered by three double batteries that will be replaceable as in when you need it.

Let's get into this and find out what comes included inside of the packaging. Now that we have everything unpackaged, we can have a look. So we have our case right here, a silky hard material on the outside, and a soft felt material on the inside with enough compartments for you to keep the different components of the EM 80 inside off.

We can see that we also have our electrode cables right here, which are color-coded so that you know, which channels are going, where, which is always a very handy thing to have. And we also have our double-A batteries. So three double batteries will be powering this device. And if you are going to replace these, try to look for something like an Energizer max AA battery to replace them.

What we can see is that we also get the electrodes with these, and these will be four electrodes in here and four electrodes in here if you were to get a replacement for these electrodes, you can come through to our online store and search for EM 80 in our top search bar. And you should have it recommended to you for you to purchase.

Next, we have the device itself, and here we can see that this is definitely not going to be a device that you can keep on your hip, on your belt. It will be a desktop device and has the very grip-intensive feet to prove it. So a very. Strong build on this and going to be a plastic build all the way around with gloss finish functionality buttons here with our channel intensity buttons here, a good screen size that will indicate all the information that you'll need from it.

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