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Marienfeld Superior - Rectangular Cover Glasses

Marienfeld Superior cover glasses feature an excellent flatness and smooth surfaces thanks to the best material. No cover glasses made of soda lime glass match the quality of our borosilicate glass coverslips. Even when archived for years preparations keep their optical quality thanks to our noncorroding glass and the particularly low tolerance of the material thickness.Our precise machining processes make sure that our coverslips have the exact size and their edges are cut with high precision. All of our efficient processes include a stringent, integrated quality control and thus ensure high quality coverslips which do not stick together. 

Our coverslips are ready for use and well suited for application in automated coverslippers. All these characteristics result in significant advantages for the user.

  • Made of chemically resistant borosilicate glass D 263® M of the first hydrolytic class
  • Absolutely colourless, perfectly clear, suitable for fluorescence microscopy
  • In compliance with DIN ISO 8255
  • For in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications according to IVD directive 98/79/EC, with CE - mark and batch number for comprehensive information and traceability

Thickness no. 1 (0.13-0.16 mm)

Hinged lid plastic boxes containing 200 or 100 pieces, 10 boxes in a cardboard carton

Cat. No. Size Multipack Unit
0101142 22 x 50mm 25 x 1000 1000
0101222 24 x 50 mm 25 x 1000 1000



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