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Beurer IH 21 Nebuliser | What's In It: S1 Ep11

Beurer IH 21 Nebuliser | What's In It: S1 Ep11


Okay. So if your doctor has recommended you to get yourself a nebulizer, maybe it's because of asthma COPD, smoking, or even any other lung disease that you may currently have and trying to overcome, then the IH 21 from Beurer may be something for you to consider. So in today's video, we're going to unbox the IH 21. Find out what features the device itself has, and also what items are included inside of the packaging so that you can find out if this is going to be a suitable product for you.

So just make sure that that aligns with the recommendation that your doctor has given you for what nebulization performance you are going to need. It's also got a bunch of accessories that do come included inside here. The accessories are your mouthpiece, your nosepiece, adult mask, and a child's mask with a strap included, the atomizer 10 filters, and the host that will connect your mask to your nebulizer.

And here, we can also see that you have the ability to nebulize liquid medication, which will definitely come in handy depending on what your doctor has prescribed to you. You've also got a particle size of around 3.07 microns with a very high proportion of respirable particles. The good thing to keep in mind. With this, you've also got a storage compartment bolt in on the front of the device, which we will see as soon as we open this up, and inside of that, you can keep your different accessories and also your power cable.

Having a look at some of the accessories that come included here. And you can see that you have your children's mask, you've got your adult face mask and these face masks are going to be a silicone build. With an elasticated headband, and a wire nose bridge on the top of it. Next, we can see that we have our compressed air tubing and these have two connectors. This connector will go into your nebulizer and this connector is going to go into your atomizer.

Right here we can find that we've got the atomizer and this breaks up into two portions, your upper portion, and your lower portion. Now your low portion is actually going to be the area where you'll be able to insert your liquid medication. And you've also got some graduations right there in milliliters.

From 2 milliliters up to 8 milliliters that you will be able to measure on and use when you are including your medication into this, having a look at some of the extra accessories, and we can see that it comes with a Mouthpiece and also a nose piece that has a rubber guard on it, which will make it a bit easier for you to clean when you need to. You've also got a few additional air filters right here. So nine air filters come as a replacement and one is already built inside of it.

Having a look at the device itself, and we can see that you are going to get your standard South African two-pin plug to power up this device on the back end of it you're going to get a small opening right there, and there you will be able to tuck in your cables and your plugin too. So we can see that you have your lid on the top.

You just open up your lid, you have your storage compartment underneath. You’ve also got your off and on. And a cap for your air filter with a single air filter already built inside of it. You've also got your output for your compressed air right there. And that will be where you attach this side of the connector right into it.

So having looked at the set-up of this, I'm going to give you a quick breakdown of the setup. Firstly, you've got your atomizer. You can go ahead and open up your atomizer and fill up any of the liquid medication that you need to fill inside here. Close that up and keep it aside for now. Next, we can focus on the tubing. So you'll be able to insert this side of the tubing connector into the output of the compressed air. And you'll be able to run it through the opening that we have right there. Close the lid up again, plug this side into the underside of your atomizer itself. And then you'll be able to choose from one of the attachments to attach to the atomizer. So we can go ahead with the mouthpiece and plug that. The last step from there will just be for you to plug in the two-pin cable and press start. And that will be the setup and unboxing of the IH 21 from the boiler.

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