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Beurer BC 32 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor | What's In It: S2 Ep5

Beurer BC 32 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor | What's In It: S2 Ep5


Okay, so let's talk about the Beurer BC 32 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. So this is the entry range for Beurer’s wrist blood pressure monitor. And if you have been recommended by your doctor to monitor your blood pressure readings, then this would be something that is ideal for you.

So if you are someone that also has large upper arms where traditional upper arm cuffs don't fit on you, then this would suit you and if you're someone that is on the go and traveling a lot, but still need to monitor your blood pressure, then a wrist blood pressure monitor may be better than a desktop.

Upper arm, blood pressure monitor. So that's where this comes in specifically for the BC 32.

It's the most cost-effective product in the range of wrist monitors understand that with its cost effectiveness and it being towards the cheapest side of the scale, some of the functionality of it Isn't included in this that you might find in the higher models, like the Beurer BC 40,  Beurer BC 50 & Beurer BC 58, but we'll have a quick look at this do an unboxing, find out what features it does come with and also what is included inside of this packaging.

So straight off the bat, we can see that this has your risk indicator and also an irregular heart rhythm sensor. So if at the time of monitoring and taking your readings,

You do have an irregular heartbeat, then this will be able to pick it up and let you know so that you can let your doctor know and take reasonable precautions.

The risk indicator shows you a scale from green to red, red being a risky blood pressure reading at your time of taking the reading green, being good. With this device the screen on it is on the smaller side. As you go up the range, the screens do get bigger.

It also has your date and time function and an auto off function, which is handy to have the memory spaces, have two users and each user can have up to 60 memory spaces, which will come in handy. Seeing that this one does not have Bluetooth or USB connectivity to the Beurer health manager app. So with it, you've also got the cuff and the cuff on this is a 13.5 to 19.5 centimetre cuff.

So. It isn't the largest cuff in the range. So if you are looking to purchase this one specifically, just make sure that you do check your cuff size and that you are within this 13.5 to 19.5 centimetre range. Without further ado, let's dive into this and see what this product comes with.

We have everything unboxed now and we can have a quick look at it. So firstly, instruction manuals really, really important because, you would need to have a quick read through your instruction manual. So you know how to set up the device, how to make the most use of all the functionality on the device and just how to generally maintain the device.

So always have a quick read through your instruction manuals. It will always be beneficial. We've got a Beurer catalogue, which shows you a few other items that come inside of the Beurer range. Batteries are AAA batteries. So it's two AAA batteries and that comes included in the box.

So if you were going to upgrade this or replace them, make sure you try and go for something like an Energizer max battery. So that will give you a good lifespan and good power consistency. We've got a plastic hardcover case that comes with it very handy. If you going to be on the move with this.

That is what it looks like. And we've got the Beurer BC 32 blood pressure meter right here. So on the face of it, you can see that we've got some of our mode functions, power functions, and other functionality buttons here of what you can learn more about all from the instruction book. There is no USB slot, as I mentioned, there's no USB connectivity. So on this, you have no other input areas other than.

The two AAA batteries that will go directly into here. If we do have a look at the cuff itself, you can see that it is a soft felt material. So pretty soft material. If you are going to be testing often, but a good, durable, solid feeling material, aesthetically you've got a matte grey exterior along the side-lines with a gloss. grey face on it and a slight plastic cover over the face of the device itself. And that'll be the unboxing for the Beurer BC 32 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.

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