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Beurer BS 99 Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror | What's In It: S2 Ep12

Beurer BS 99 Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror | What's In It: S2 Ep12


Today we've got the Beurer BS 99. This is the illuminated cosmetics mirror. This will definitely be the mirror for precision work. If you do need to find out a little bit more about this product and additional features, you can always have a look. All of the information on our website.

So here we are, we've got our Beurer catalog and that just outlines a few other items that you can get from Beurer. We've got this, which is our South African two-pin plug. So this is a mains adapter. And basically what this will allow you to do is around the lighting for the mirror, either by battery, which is three double batteries, which you also do get in it, or via mains.

So if you going to be working on your makeup for a prolonged period of time You know that you've got a set and solid amount of supply to power going into the led lights right here. If you are going to change out the AA batteries, we'd always recommend going with Energizer max AA batteries.

And we've also got our user manual, which you should definitely go through. It will give you a good overview on how to take care of the products and how the general overview of the products would work. If you are going to use it on a day-to-day basis. I've left this plastic on because this is literally the only thing that was small enough for me to unbox.

As you can see, the size of the mirror is a very good size, and I think it had to be a size that was significant enough for you to be able to sit at a table and still work with it. So we'll have a quick look at this. So off the bat immediately, what we have is if I show this to you, You'll see that there is a very strong magnification going on with this. So this has five times the magnification capabilities of your standard mirror.

And what that means is. If you are working right here, you can basically see that that is the magnification that you're going to get from my hand. So ideally, you're going to want to work with this quite close to your face, and it's going to be something that is going to be for precision work. So a day-to-day mirror, this may not be the day-to-day mirror, but this will definitely be the mirror for precision work.

As you can see it really Blows up everything that's in front of it around here. We've got the led strip. It's a very nice white, soft light that you're going to have, which if you're going to be doing makeup, it's going to suit your needs perfectly on the backend. We've got your battery pack. That's going to go in here, which will be three AAA batteries. We can see that the entire motor. Does leann. So let me see how far this goes.

Basically past 90 degrees is where you're going to get it to. I'm not sure why you'd needed to go that far, but if you do, it goes all the way past 90 degrees and you can find your perfect position. If you were sitting at a table, then table height, this would work perfectly for you.

You will have all of your tools and your makeup and accessories and the salts set directly in front of you. So perfect height there. Accessory wise and aesthetic wise, we've got a beautiful Chrome finish that goes along the stem and the base of the mirror here.

And on the back end, we've just got a matte silver colour along the backside of it. If you do need to find out a little bit more about this product and additional features, you can always have a look. All of the information on our website. And also with this, you're going to have a few other features that I just want to finish off on firstly, a three-year guarantee.

So if there's anything that goes wrong with this from a manufacturer's point of view, that there may be an issue with it. You've got your three year guarantee on this mirror. So, you know, it's going to last you for that time. And you've also got an auto off function.

So that's perfect. If you know, it only takes you about 10 minutes or less to complete one application of your makeup. This will easily turn everything off for you.

And if you do need it to be on longer than just hit the power button again, it'll turn back on. And you've got another 10 minutes of working time. Other than that, that will be the overview for the Beurer BS 99.

Thank you so much for watching. And until next time, I'm Nicolas from Omninela Medical, reminding you to Live Limitless.

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