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Beurer BM 58 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor | What's In It: S2 Ep7

Beurer BM 58 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor | What's In It: S2 Ep7


Today we've got the Beurer BM 58 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, and this is one of the upper arm blood pressure monitors. So if you have been recommended by your doctor to get a blood pressure monitor, or would just like to check and monitor your health from the comfort of your own home

Have a look at the features of this product and what items come with this product, having a look at the outside of the box and the features that are listed on it. We can see that this comes with a 22-to-30-centimeter blood pressure cuff.

So, you'd always want to double check the arm size that you are going to be testing. And if you are someone that has a larger arm size, then definitely check it because this is on the more medium Size bracket.

This also has two different users that can be registered on this device. And each user has 60 memory spaces that they can save the recordings inside here.

You've also got your risk indicator. So, on the screen of the device, you're going to get a risk indicator, which shows you the severity of your blood pressure at that exact moment of testing. And it's also got irregular heart rhythms.

So, if there is something going on, irregularly with your heartbeat, this will be able to tell you so, and you'd be able to tell your doctor from there on it's also got a nice, extra-large displays. So, this display is very large.

And once we open it up, you'll have a look at what I'm talking about. But it's also got a black backing where the bright white text. So, if you are someone that has difficulty reading text on a screen, then this would be something that is ideal for you.

This also does come with four double a batteries, which is the primary source of power for this, and also your USB cable, so that you can connect this device to your computer and use the Beurer health manager App.

To download all of the readings from here on to your computer and send that to your doctor if need be. So, let's open this up and have a quick look at what comes with the device.

So now that we've got everything. Immediately, we can find our instruction manual and that will give you all the instructions that you will need for the use and set up of the device. So do go through that. It is extremely helpful.

Next, we've got the blood pressure cuff. And as I mentioned earlier in this video, it's a 22-to-30-centimetre cuff. Next, we've got our AA batteries and it comes with this pack. If you are going to replace it, then make sure that you replace it with something like the Energizer max AA.

It's got a good lifespan and also a good power consistency. Next, we can find that you've got your USB cable that will connect from the device to your computer and the application that you will hear, then your computer will be the Beurer health manager app.

And that'll allow you to transfer information from the device over to your computer and track that or send it to your doctor if need be. Next, we have the device itself. And immediately we do notice the large screen that is on it. And from here, what we're going to have a look at is the back panel of it. So, one interesting thing is that.

This Double as a cuff holder. So if you do know that you have the cuff out quite often, and you're going to be testing quite often, then this is just a handy place for you to keep your cuff so that it is together with your monitor. Underneath the cuff holder will be your battery compartment.

That will be where your four AA batteries go. And on the backside, you've got your USP input and also your power off and on which will power on and off the device itself.

Whenever you do need to use it on the side, you've got your input and your tube will connect directly. And two on the side and here you've got your DC input.

So, if you do have a DC cable that runs to a Power supply. Then you can use that directly inside here, having an overall look at the item.

You have your power button and your memory button that you will use to control the device. It's a slick gloss black that we have on the sides and the bottom.

Surrounded by a matte finish on the sides. So that will be the general overview of the BM 58 that we have. Thank you so much for watching.

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